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Vocational Training And Capacity Building Programme To Improve The Prospects Of Young Adults In Indonesia - Concluded

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YCAB, Indonesia


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

YCAB builds up young people from underprivileged families by teaching them vocational, employable skills with an entrepreneurial edge.

Participants are encouraged to create a simple, viable business plan and are then challenged to compete in a pitch to obtain seed capital for their start-ups.

The seed capital is awarded to the top three business proposals. This capacity-building programme will reach 2,100 young people enrolled in either beauty training or mechanics.

Our Partnership

Across Indonesia, YCAB strives to help local youths start new businesses. In partnership with the Puma Energy Foundation, YCAB is focusing on the areas in and around Puma Energy’s operational centres in Cilincing (Northern Jakarta), Musi II (Palembang), Samarinda (Central Kalimantan), Tangerang (Banten) and Bekasi (West Java).