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Improving Income Opportunities And Employment Through Agriculture And Recycling - Concluded

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Swisscontact, Tanzania


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

The Puma Energy Foundation has teamed up with Swiss NGO Swisscontact, to generate employment for young Tanzanians through new economic opportunities.

In Tanzania’s Morogo region, where youth unemployment is high, young people are being orientated towards an innovative new scheme of waste management and recycling.

The project has two components: to develop economic opportunities by increasing the amount of recyclable waste that is sorted, collected, traded and recycled; and to improve urban hygiene by reducing the amount of mixed waste being discarded into public areas, which causes environmental pollution, drain clogging and floods.

Key Achievements Of Swisscontact

In the urban area of Tanzania, about 5,900 tons of CO2 in 2016 were reduced thanks to improved waste management and recycling (it’s collected, traded and recycled). The household reach-out initiative has reduced the amount of waste dumped, organic waste has been turned into eco-friendly input for agriculture and environmental clubs in primary schools are supporting composting.

94 waste collectors and community workers were trained last year. Like their predecessors, many will go on to enjoy full-time employment and regular salaries.