Saving lives through burn prevention education in Nicaragua

Aproquen, Nicaragua FreeText Editor

Aproquen, Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, accidental burns are the second most common cause of death by accident. The majority of victims are children – most under the age of five – often coming from low-income families who cannot afford the expensive and specialised medical treatments required for burn injuries. 

Between 2017 and 2020, the Puma Energy Foundation supported APROQUEN’s pilot programme on burn prevention, aimed at tackling a primary cause of burns incidents: lack of understanding of risk factors and misconceptions on first aid measures. 

The three-year initiative included burn-prevention training for schoolteachers, community leaders and children. Notably, participants then acted as ambassadors for the programme by organising further trainings and sharing their learnings with the wider community.

Following this successful pilot, the Puma Energy Foundation renewed its partnership for a further three years (2021-2023) to help APROQUEN strengthen and expand its burn prevention education programme across Central America. 

As the only documented burn prevention education programme in Latin America, APROQUEN will share its wealth of experience in burn prevention with NGOs and hospitals in Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

At the same time, APROQUEN will reinforce its presence in Nicaragua, by providing a further 4,500 schoolchildren with burn prevention education and by training 270 “master trainers” who will share their knowledge with teachers and parents.