Alive And Kicking

A Social Enterprise Producing Footballs And Promoting Health Education Through Sport - Concluded

Kicking stronger than ever, Ghana FreeText Editor

Alive And Kicking, Ghana


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

Schools in Ghana face a shortage of sports balls due to the unavailability of quality footballs at affordable prices. Out in the broader community, Ghanaians suffer from a lack of job opportunities, especially among those who are younger or disabled.

For Alive and Kicking, these two ‘lacks’ added up to one great opportunity: the creation of a stitching centre to manufacture sports balls that provides jobs and promotes health education through sport.

The company is now striving to make a significant social and economic impact across Ghana through its unique model of social enterprise.

Key Achievements Of Alive And Kicking

On July 2017, Alive and Kicking received a prestigious international award for its work in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. CEO Glenn Cummings was in New York to receive the 'Sport for Quality Education and Employment Award' from Beyond Sport, an organisation dedicated to bringing together influencers and innovators from sport, business, government and development to discuss how sport can address social issues and trigger positive change.

Last year, in partnership with coaches from Arsenal football club, and their ‘Arsenal in the Community’ programme, Alive and Kicking trained 30 teachers how to use football drills to teach about HIV and malaria, reaching over 750 young people and donating 210 footballs with health messages on them.

A large order from UNICEF for 4,980 balls was a welcome windfall. Coupled with this, an entrepreneur programme trained 357 people in how to run small businesses and provided seed capital in the form of footballs. This has been a breakthrough time for the charity, benefiting thousands of marginalized young people.