Vivamos Mejor

Empowering Young People With Vocational Training And Job Placement - Concluded

Vivamos Mejor, Nicaragua FreeText Editor

Vivamos Mejor, Nicaragua


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

Swiss non-profit foundation, Vivamos Mejor targets young adults in poverty-affected neighbourhoods across Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Brazil. With a focus on developing professional and social competences, Vivamos Mejor lives up to its name, ‘Live Better’, by helping young people develop skills to join the job market and earn a decent living. The Puma Energy Foundation prizes the opportunity to support the integration and self-reliance of adolescents and young adults from socially and economically marginalised groups.

Our Partnership

Puma Energy enjoys a large presence in Nicaragua and it is important to us to positively contribute to the fabric of society, especially young people. This is why the Foundation is offering two-year funding to Vivamos Mejor, supporting adolescents in the poverty-affected neighbourhoods of Managua, the capital city. By reaching 90 youths aged 16 and over – 50% of whom are women – the scheme targets those who have basic vocational training yet who still can’t find work. Participants will be given interview coaching and job placements, potentially within the local Puma Energy office. Members of the Puma team recognise the importance of the initiative, and the need for young people to learn what society expects and ‘soft skills’ in order to fit in.