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Brightening Lives Of Sick Children And Their Families In Hospitals

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Starlight Children's Foundation, Australia


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

There is nothing more devastating for a parent than their child falling sick with a serious condition. For the past three years, Puma Energy Australia has supported The Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that helps hospitalised children and their families through unique programmes based on positive psychology. Starlight aims to disrupt the relentless cycle of pain and trauma by offering a much-needed break from treatment and pain so that sick children can return to being simply kids. It provides distractions to help them experience positive emotions, encourages social interaction and helps build self-esteem. Importantly, the programmes also target the whole family unit since siblings and parents also need help and care when their loved ones are ill. Through fundraising challenges and inspiring initiatives, the Puma Energy team has played an invaluable role in brightening the lives of myriad families experiencing difficult times.

Alongside its hospital entertainment programmes, the charity grants tailor-made wishes that often allow the child to escape the medical setting for a few hours. James is the father of Paige, who has leukaemia. Paige’s wish to meet a real-life mermaid was granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation, who arranged for her to visit a pool where a mermaid performer was waiting to entertain her and her sister. “Starlight helped Paige to create new positive memories, to replace all the unhappy memories of treatment and the hospital,” James says.

Puma Energy Australia organised several fundraising events and activities in 2019, including BBQs, a comedy bingo night in Darwin and a Trivia Extravaganza night in Brisbane. The annual ‘Starlight Week’ was another success, where all retail sites were decorated in the Starlight colours of purple and yellow, and Starlight merchandise was sold. Thanks to the generosity of local staff and the support of the Puma Energy Foundation, AUD 316,900 was donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation in 2019.