Boosting The Business Skills Of Small Entrepreneurs - Concluded

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IECD - Congo, DRC, Ivory Coast


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

Nearly 80% of jobs in the DRC, Congo and Ivory Coast are supported by the informal economy. This great potential is not fully exploited due to the lack of management skills of the small and micro entrepreneurs (SMEs) that make up this informal sector and often work at a loss. IECD runs a Basic Management Training, upon completion of which participants can sign up for advanced trainings or attend networking and support events as members of the ‘Entrepreneurs’ Club’ – all this at very low cost. As a result, participants improve their socioeconomic status and are able to solidify and expand their business. They are also better equipped to find and secure financing from a bank or a microfinance institute.

Key Achievements Of IECD

In 2016, over 1,150 businesspeople-in-the-making were trained in basic management skills and tools, and 250 entrepreneurs learnt how to draft their business plan. Of the approximately 1,400 entrepreneurs trained in total, 36 % were women and about half were young adults.

Thanks to the African ‘Enterprises Development Network’ (, the strategy for 2017 was set out at a seminar in Cameroon involving IECD and its local partners. In addition, the Management and Training Center in Brazzaville, Congo, opened its Club of Entrepreneurs. Other Clubs in RDC, Congo and Ivory Coast organised networking events and presentations allowing entrepreneurs to create partnerships, financial opportunities and face competition.