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Improving child road safety in Latin America

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Improving child road safety in Latin America

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for 5 to 29 year olds, according to the World Health Organization. Developing economies record higher rates of road traffic injuries, with over 90% of fatalities coming from low- and middle- income countries. In the case of Colombia, El Salvador and Panama, road mortality rates (averaging 18%) are up to double the European rate (9%). 

Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez (FGR) is currently the only NGO with expertise in child road safety working at a regional level in Latin America. It promotes children and youth’s safety on their journeys to and from school and works on policy and national campaigns to reduce road traffic accidents.

In 2020, the Puma Energy Foundation commissioned a feasibility study to assess the status of road safety in several Latin American countries and identify opportunities for FGR´s activities in the region. The findings of the study set the basis for a new three-year collaboration to improve child road safety in several key cities of Colombia, El Salvador and Panama. 

In partnership with local governments, FGR will develop and roll out tailored road safety activities in cities and school zones where children and youth are at greatest risk. Their activities will include engaging and training local authorities on child road safety issues, organising awareness campaigns for the public, conducting safety assessments around schools, and creating recommendations on infrastructural improvement around school areas. 

FGR’s intervention ultimately aims to encourage the adoption of safer legislation according to international standards, in the targeted countries. The programme also aims to foster better safety practices, such as the increased use of safety belts, child restraint systems and quality helmets. 

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