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Initiative Développement

Cleaner And Safer Cooking Solution In Congo - Concluded

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Initiative Développement, Congo


(Programme concluded - the Foundation no longer supports this programme)

We are partnering with ID for the implementation of the “Improved Cookstove Supply Chain Project in Congo”. The ultimate purpose of this collaboration is to strengthen the development of the local cookstove supply chain in order to propose fuel saving cooking solutions.

The technology of improved cooking increases energy efficiency of 30 to 50%. This technology has the double effect to mitigate deforestation, as it reduces wood consumption, and to help households save money and suffer less from harmful smoke fumes. 

Key Achievements Of Id

The locally made ‘Congo-Mboté cookstove’ Costs around USD 14 (CFA 9,000) and is estimated to save a family USD 440 (CFA 270,000) per year. Recently, the range has been expanded into 5 ingenious models. There’s the new Brazza Mboté designed for large pots – 20 have been sold or distributed to schools and orphanages. There are 2 cheaper basic stoves in development: one using charcoal, the other fuelled by wood. Then there are 2 mixed models (charcoal or wood).

6 artisans (welding shops) are trained to produce these cookstoves and 8 sellers distribute them. In collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the project has extended to the population around Lésio-Louna wildlife reserve (300km north of Brazzaville).